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Faculty and Staff

Staff members' email addresses are all made up of their first initial and their last name (

Office & Health Staff

Principal - Larry Clement

Admin. Assistant - Cathie Rossignol

Athletic Director - Andrea Archer

School Nurse - Jennifer Pert

Asst. Nurses - Amy Mattson, Jade Hatheway

Counselor - Erica Garvey

Elementary Classroom Teachers

PK - Megan Young

K - Kirstin Weed

1st Grade - Sierra Bloom

2nd Grade - Paige Osgood

3rd Grade - Lucretia Roy

4th Grade - Sophia Mercurio

5th Grade - Courtney Weaver

Middle Level Homerooms & Teachers

6th Grade - Libby Bishop (ELA, SS)

7th Grade - Mike Jezak (Science)

8th Grade - Karen Galella (Math)


Special Education Services

Special Ed. Teachers -

  Alisa Dodge, Larry Deans

MTSS Interventionist - Erin Kinney

Speech - Kelly Ronco

Gifted and Talented: Markus Ford

Educational Technician - Lesley Blumenschein

Educational Technician - Brittany Brissitt

Educational Technician - Dianna Donahue

Educational Technician - Kate Mrozicki

Educational Technician - Kristen Philbrook


Art - Nick Patterson

Music - Joe Wainer

Physical Ed. - Dwayne Carter, Christine Russell

Technology - Markus Ford

Support Staff

Library - Evelyn Bishop

Head of Maintenance - Glenn Baez

Assistant Custodian - Joe Leger

Head Chef - Katrina Scott-Willette

Assistant Chef - Jamie Carter

IT Coordinator - Markus Ford


Head Bus Driver - Open

Bus Driver - Wendy Day

Union 93

Superintendent - Derek Perkins

Asst. Supt. & Curric. Coord - Dawn McLaughlin

Dir. Special Education - Sheila Irvine

Surry School Board

Nick Noddin, Chair

Jared Benner

Don Driscoll

Kristin McFarland

Kerry McKim

Updated: 3/26/24

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