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Rosanna's Readers

Rosanna’s Readers & Legacy, Inc. is a non-profit corporation aiming to give the gift of books to elementary school students at Surry Elementary School, Brooksville Elementary School, and the Brooklin School on their birthday each year. Rosanna McFarland taught at Surry and Brooksville and she attended the Brooklin School as a child. Rosanna was always touched by the Raising Readers program in Maine which gives books to children all across Maine at the well child check-ups from birth until age 5. Her dying wish was to expand the program to last through elementary school at the three schools closest to her heart.

Another cause close to Rosanna’s heart was helping young moms diagnosed with cancer. Laura and Rosanna talked about giving the gift of chemo care bags to moms receiving chemotherapy treatment in the eastern Maine area. One day at a treatment they were discussing the project that they hoped to start once Rosanna was done with active treatment. Rosanna mentioned remembering back to when she left the hospital with her newborn and was handed a little care package as a first time Mom. She walked out of the hospital with a baby boy, lots of joy in her heart, and a little gift to make their first few days at home a little more comfortable. When diagnosed with cancer she walked out of the hospital with sadness, fear, and a lot of questions. Laura continues to put together Rosanna’s Journey bags for young Moms in Rosanna’s memory.

Rosanna’s family is dedicated to continuing these projects in her memory for many years to come. Thanks to all our friends and family for the support.

For more information, see our website.

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