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Garden Club

This is a student club for grades 4-8.  The club is held during the fall and spring.  In the fall, students weed and harvest the raised bed.  They plant fall bulbs and prepare the beds for the winter.  In the spring, students propagate plants from seed in our greenhouse.  They attend to the bulbs that were planted in the fall and plant seedlings in the raised beds.


An elementary school garden club is a vibrant and hands-on extracurricular activity that offers students a unique opportunity to connect with nature and foster essential life skills. This club typically brings together young learners who share a common interest in gardening and environmental sustainability. Students who participate in a garden club are exposed to a wide range of educational experiences, from planting and nurturing various plants to understanding the intricate web of ecosystems. They learn about soil health, the importance of pollinators like bees and butterflies, and the benefits of organic gardening practices. Through their involvement in garden club activities, students gain practical knowledge about the environment and agriculture while also developing a deep sense of responsibility and teamwork.


Participating in a garden club is immensely beneficial for students on multiple fronts. Firstly, it encourages a sense of stewardship for the environment, instilling in young minds the significance of preserving our natural world. Secondly, it fosters teamwork and cooperation as students work together to maintain the garden, ensuring that each plant thrives. Moreover, gardening provides valuable lessons in patience and perseverance, as students witness the gradual growth and development of their plants. Additionally, the club offers a hands-on approach to learning science, biology, and ecology, making classroom concepts come alive. Overall, a garden club in an elementary school not only contributes to the physical beauty of the school grounds but also nurtures young minds, cultivating a sense of responsibility, curiosity, and a lifelong appreciation for the environment.

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