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About Surry, Maine

Surry, Maine, is a small coastal town with a rich history that dates back to the late 18th century. Originally settled in the 1760s, Surry was incorporated as a town in 1810. Its name is believed to have been inspired by the English county of Surrey, though the exact origin remains a subject of debate. In its early years, Surry thrived as an agricultural community, with residents cultivating crops and raising livestock to sustain their livelihoods.

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One significant event in Surry's history was its role as a shipbuilding center during the 19th century. The town's proximity to the coast made it an ideal location for shipyards, and several shipbuilders established themselves in Surry. This industry contributed to the town's growth and economy, as ships built in Surry were used for trade, fishing, and maritime activities along the Eastern Seaboard.

Over time, Surry evolved from an economy centered on shipbuilding and agriculture to a more diversified community, with residents engaging in various trades and industries. Today, Surry retains its historical charm, with well-preserved architecture and a strong sense of community. Its coastal location and proximity to Acadia National Park continue to attract visitors and new residents, ensuring that its rich history remains an integral part of its identity.

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