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Parents are an invaluable asset to an elementary school community. Their active involvement and support play a pivotal role in creating a positive and enriching learning environment for our young students. As the first and most important educators in their children's lives, parents bring a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives that enhance our school's

educational endeavors. Their engagement in school activities, parent-teacher conferences, and volunteer opportunities strengthens the partnership between home and school, ensuring that we work together to meet the unique needs of each child.

Furthermore, parents serve as role models for our students, demonstrating the importance of lifelong learning, responsibility, and community engagement. Their encouragement and active participation in their child's academic and extracurricular pursuits boost student morale and motivation. At Surry Elementary School, we value the contributions and insights of parents and recognize that it takes a collaborative effort to create a nurturing and successful learning environment. Together, parents and educators form a cohesive team dedicated to the growth, well-being, and future success of our students.

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