Covid case at GSA and its impact on SES

February 28, 2021


Good morning SES Community,


Due to a positive case of Covid at George Stevens Academy, some of our students and staff at SES have been identified as close contacts. These close contacts have been called already by our school nurse Jenny Pert, and will need to test, and quarantine, before returning to SES.


We do not anticipate an impact on in-person schooling because of this positive case at GSA, but if the follow-up testing of our SES close contacts results in any positive cases that could change. So, as we learn more we will let you know.


Because of this situation we will need to suspend bus service for at least tomorrow, and possibly the entire week. This is an unusual step, but due to limited staffing is unavoidable at this time. We appreciate your cooperation, yet again. SES parents, you have been remarkable in your support of our school this year, and for that I'm grateful.


If you have further questions or concerns, please contact me.



Mr. Cole