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The Great LEGO ReGifting

The Christmas season can be tough for families with younger kids looking for LEGO products. On the other hand, families with older children often have an abundance of unused LEGO stuff in storage.


The Great LEGO ReGifting helps by gathering well loved but no longer used pieces and sets. Our students wash and package them, then send them out to junior engineers and designers in time for Christmas.


How It Works - Collecting

The Great LEGO ReGifting starts in the early summer, with yard sales that include used LEGO stuff. Some families offer to donate their collections, othertimes someone will purchase them at the yard sale and donate them to our effort. The collecting process continues into the fall, as people drop off donations at the school. Starting November 1st, we put a donation bin in the main lobby and begin to actively solicit donations of LEGO products. (We don't solicit financial donations.)

How it Works - Washing, Sorting, Distributing

In early December, the cleaning and packaging begins. Students in Mr. Ford's Technology classes get to work. The fourth grade washes and the fifth grade packages. But other students and parents get involved here and there.


Throughout the month, right up until Christmas Eve, we work hard to get these regifted kits into the hands of children. (While we focus keenly on the needs of families and students, our criteria for receiving a regifted kit is simple. "Will these LEGO parts get used?")

Got some LEGO stuff to donate?

You can drop them off at Surry Elementary School. We may also be able to coordinate a pickup.

Know someone in need of regifted LEGO kits this Christmas?

Contact Markus Ford ( and let us know how we can help. Our primary focus is on kids in the Blue Hill Peninsula area of coastal Hancock County in Maine. But we will do our absolute best to respond to any request we get from absolutely anywhere, by just about anyone.

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LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site or the efforts of The Great LEGO ReGifting.
(They just make amazing stuff worth regifting!)

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